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Ar Radio Intercontinetal FM 102.0 Yerevan

Armenia / Armenia (am)

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Public Radio (formerly radio Yerevan) Ar Radio Intercontinental was founded in 1995, as the Armenia’s international operator of radio broadcastings. Ar Radio Intercontinental has also created a FM Network, on which the Yerevan Radio makes its broadcastings. The Organization has its own stock-council, with president of the council Armen Amiryan on the top, who also is the general director of the Organization and the executive director is Hrachya Kostanyan. Yerevan 102.0 Mhz Charentsavan 104.4 Mhz Zovashen 106.8 Mhz Talin region 105.2 Mhz Tsaghkahovit 106.0 Mhz Vanadzor, Spitak 107.2 Mhz Sevan, Dilijan, Ijevan 103.2 Mhz Berd 105.5 Mhz Gyumri, Shirak valley 103.6 Mhz Amasia 105.9 Mhz Stepanavan 104.2 Mhz Noyemberyan 106.1 Mhz Vedi 104.6 Mhz Yeghegnadzor 107.3 Mhz Vayq 103.9 Mhz Sisian 104.2 Mhz Goris 105.1 Mhz Kapan 104.7 Mhz Meghri 102.9 Mhz
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