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WEZI-FM was a beautiful music radio station based in Memphis, Tennessee. WEZI-FM was the Mid-Souths source for relaxing and beautiful music from 1973-1990. During its time as a beautiful music station, WEZI-FM broadcast from two different frequencies. From 1973-1983, WEZI broadcast from FM 105.9. From 1983-1990, WEZI played beautiful music from FM 94.3. Many people who resided in the Mid-South during the 70s and 80s fondly remember WEZI-FM. WEZI-DB is an online radio station inspired by WEZI-FM and the other classic American beautiful music stations. WEZI-DB will feature the best beautiful music of yesterday and today. If you listened to beautiful music radio in the 70s and 80s, this station will be a fun trip down memory lane. However for many of you, this station will be an entirely new experience. If you have never before listened to a beautiful music radio station, please take a few minutes to sample a music genre which was an important part of American radio and of American life for many
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