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https://www.facebook.com/samara.maximum/ Радио MAXIMUM , Samara, known from 1935 to 1991 as Kuybyshev, is the sixth largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Samara Oblast Radio-Samara-Maximum“ - is the first independent radio station in the Samara province. It was organised in 1992 by famous Samara ex-hippie and rocker Konstantin Lukin, who is the general director till present time. The city of Samara, the capital of the Samara province, lies on the left bank of the great Russian river Volga which can be found in the European part of Russia. There are one and a half million inhabitants living in Samara, around six million inhabitants in the Samara province, (the Samara region). The area of the Samara province is equal approximately to the area of such European country as Belgium. Thanks to the unique location of three “Harris Platinum” transmitters with highly effective transmitting antennas, located in the towns of Samara, Togliatt and Cyzran, we are covering with our broadcasting, of
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